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  1. Animal cruelty suspect charged
  2. Kindergarten for baby Pandas
  3. Grieving Orangutan Recieves Comfort from Cat
  4. Not so Extinct Rat-Squirrel
  5. Icy Channel is no match for This Dog
  6. Administration proposes removing protections for some wolves
  7. Send E-Cards from the Humane Society of the US
  8. Feline felon
  9. Woman Crashes while Teaching Dog to Drive
  10. Hurricane Rescue!
  11. Ark. Woman Gets Sprayed by Rabid Skunk After She Finds It At
  12. Wanted: Home for Terrorist Puppies
  13. Top 10 Hybrid Animals
  15. Dog Saves Disabled Owner From Fire, Dies Trying To Save Cat
  16. Dog Wakes Up Man in Burning Alabama Home
  17. Local News article - Hallmark: ‘There is no rabies outbreak'
  18. Calf Saves His Hide, Escapes Slaughter
  19. Popular dog, cat food recalled after kidney failure, deaths
  20. Updated List of Re-called Pet Foods HERE!
  21. Cat with 26 Toes!!!
  22. Squirrel goes on rampage, injures 3
  23. Common yard birds disappearing in Oregon
  24. Schwarzenegger Dog?
  25. Rare Pink Dolphin Seen in Louisiana Lake
  26. Bizarre and Disturbing Dog Attack
  27. Squirrel Spy Ring? Thats Nuts!
  28. Pitbulls are innocent
  29. Microchips Linked to Cancer in Animals
  30. 246 Dogs Rescued From Filthy Conditions
  31. Horse slaughtering continues
  32. PETA meets the KKK
  33. U.S. Ends Protections for Wolves in 3 States
  34. Yours truly :-)
  35. Local Hoarder arrested!
  36. Dallas dog and cat owners object to proposal to curb pets
  37. Off-duty College Cop shoots dog in Stephenville City Park
  38. Rainbow Wildlife Rescue in the News!
  39. 20 Years for Smuggling a Monkey?
  40. Teen Gets Arrested for Animal Cruelty Through Youtube
  41. Horrible Polar Bear Attack!
  42. Best ever animal protection book? Among the best certainly.
  43. Pet meds under investigation
  44. Lisbon woman accused of keeping wild animals
  45. Pet python strangles US toddler
  46. Man chains himself
  47. Parents upset children witnessed slaughter of opossum family at summer camp