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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:inc-hug: Hug Hug
:inc-laugh: Laugh Laugh
:inc-giggle: Giggle Giggle
:inc-danc3: Danc3 Danc3
:smile20: Smile20 Smile20
:smile29: Smile29 Smile29
:smile15: Smile15 Smile15
:inc-dogwalk: Dogwalk Dogwalk
:inc-flowers: Flowers Flowers
:inc-fatgrin: Fatgrin Fatgrin
:inc-horseapple: Horseapple Horseapple
:inc-ferret: Ferret Ferret
:smile27: Smile27 Smile27
:smile28: Smile28 Smile28
:inc-kitten1: Kitten1 Kitten1
:smile17: Smile17 Smile17
:smile30: Smile30 Smile30
:inc-hamster: Hamster Hamster
:inc-birds: Birds Birds
:smile31: Smile31 Smile31
:inc-boththumbsup: Boththumbsup Boththumbsup
:smile32: Smile32 Smile32
:inc-kitten: Kitten Kitten
:inc-danc1: Danc1 Danc1
:inc-takecare: Takecare Takecare
:inc-parrot: Inc Parrot Inc Parrot
:smile34: Smile34 Smile34
:inc-haveniceday: Haveniceday Haveniceday
:smile55: Smile55 Smile55
:smile21: Smile21 Smile21
:inc-bulldog: Bulldog Bulldog
:smile22: Smile22 Smile22
:smile26: Smile26 Smile26
:smile35: Smile35 Smile35
:smile24: Smile24 Smile24
:smile36: Smile36 Smile36
:smile37: Smile37 Smile37
:smile25: Smile25 Smile25
:smile38: Smile38 Smile38
:smile39: Smile39 Smile39
:smile19: Smile19 Smile19
:smile40: Smile40 Smile40
:inc-danc2: Danc2 Danc2
:smile41: Smile41 Smile41
:smile16: Smile16 Smile16
:smile42: Smile42 Smile42
:smile43: Smile43 Smile43
:smile44: Smile44 Smile44
:smile45: Smile45 Smile45
:smile46: Smile46 Smile46
:smile47: Smile47 Smile47
:smile48: Smile48 Smile48
:smile49: Smile49 Smile49
:smile50: Smile50 Smile50
:smile51: Smile51 Smile51
:smile52: Smile52 Smile52
:smile53: Smile53 Smile53
:smile54: Smile54 Smile54
:yes3: Yes3 Yes3
:smile56: Smile56 Smile56
:smile57: Smile57 Smile57
:smile58: Smile58 Smile58
:smile59: Smile59 Smile59
:smile60: Smile60 Smile60
:smile61: Smile61 Smile61
:smile62: Smile62 Smile62
:smile63: Smile63 Smile63
:smile64: Smile64 Smile64
:smile18: Smile18 Smile18
:smile65: Smile65 Smile65
:smile66: Smile66 Smile66
:alcoholic: Alcoholic Alcoholic
:Archie_07: Archie 07 Archie 07
:astronomer1: Astronomer1 Astronomer1
:astronomer2: Astronomer2 Astronomer2
:big_boss: Big Boss Big Boss
:blum: Blum Blum
:bobsleigh: Bobsleigh Bobsleigh
:boredom: Boredom Boredom
:brunette: Brunette Brunette
:buba_phone: Buba Phone Buba Phone
:chiffa: Chiffa Chiffa
:connie_08: Connie 08 Connie 08
:connie_1: Connie 1 Connie 1
:connie_3: Connie 3 Connie 3
:connie_6: Connie 6 Connie 6
:connie_11: Connie 11 Connie 11
:connie_13: Connie 13 Connie 13
:connie_16: Connie 16 Connie 16
:connie_18: Connie 18 Connie 18
:connie_21: Connie 21 Connie 21
:smile23: Smile23 Smile23
:connie_25: Connie 25 Connie 25
:connie_28: Connie 28 Connie 28
:connie_29: Connie 29 Connie 29
:connie_33: Connie 33 Connie 33
:connie_35: Connie 35 Connie 35
:connie_36: Connie 36 Connie 36
:connie_40: Connie 40 Connie 40
:connie_42: Connie 42 Connie 42
:connie_43: Connie 43 Connie 43
:connie_44: Connie 44 Connie 44
:connie_45: Connie 45 Connie 45
:connie_49: Connie 49 Connie 49
:connie_aging: Connie Aging Connie Aging
:connie_boy_cleangla Connie Boy Cleanglasses Connie Boy Cleanglasses
:connie_caveman-1: Connie Caveman 1 Connie Caveman 1
:connie_crazyperson: Connie Crazyperson Connie Crazyperson
:connie_feedbaby: Connie Feedbaby Connie Feedbaby
:connie_girlhideface Connie Girlhideface Connie Girlhideface
:connie_girlsmelly: Connie Girlsmelly Connie Girlsmelly
:connie_girl_cleangl Connie Girl Cleanglasses Connie Girl Cleanglasses
:connie_girl_pet_kit Connie Girl Pet Kitty Connie Girl Pet Kitty
:connie_hidinginwall Connie Hidinginwall Connie Hidinginwall
:connie_malesnore: Connie Malesnore Connie Malesnore
:connie_oldman_clean Connie Oldman Cleanglasses Connie Oldman Cleanglasses
:connie_rockingbaby: Connie Rockingbaby Connie Rockingbaby
:connie_running: Connie Running Connie Running
:connie_sharkycircle Connie Sharkycircle Connie Sharkycircle
:connie_tap: Connie Tap Connie Tap
:connie_twiddle: Connie Twiddle Connie Twiddle
:connie_wackygirl: Connie Wackygirl Connie Wackygirl
:connie_yoyo: Connie Yoyo Connie Yoyo
:connie_zombie: Connie Zombie Connie Zombie
:crazy_pilot: Crazy Pilot Crazy Pilot
:curtsey: Curtsey Curtsey
:dance3: Dance3 Dance3
:dance4: Dance4 Dance4
:declare: Declare Declare
:diablo: Diablo Diablo
:drag: Drag Drag
:drag_04: Drag 04 Drag 04
:drag_05: Drag 05 Drag 05
:drag_06: Drag 06 Drag 06
:drag_07: Drag 07 Drag 07
:d_book: D Book D Book
:d_coffee: D Coffee D Coffee
:d_daisy: D Daisy D Daisy
:d_girl_kiss: D Girl Kiss D Girl Kiss
:d_good_luck: D Good Luck D Good Luck
:d_guess: D Guess D Guess
:d_happy_tired: D Happy Tired D Happy Tired
:d_ice: D Ice D Ice
:d_kiss: D Kiss D Kiss
:d_kiss_hand: D Kiss Hand D Kiss Hand
:d_martini: D Martini D Martini
:d_Pocket_PC: D Pocket PC D Pocket PC
:d_sunny: D Sunny D Sunny
:d_tickle: D Tickle D Tickle
:d_turn: D Turn D Turn
:d_wash: D Wash D Wash
:Elffy_24: Elffy 24 Elffy 24
:Elffy_39: Elffy 39 Elffy 39
:feminist: Feminist Feminist
:fie: Fie Fie
:fiona_dog2: Fiona Dog2 Fiona Dog2
:fuck: Fuck Fuck
:gamer2: Gamer2 Gamer2
:gamer3: Gamer3 Gamer3
:girl_dance: Girl Dance Girl Dance
:girl_drink4: Girl Drink4 Girl Drink4
:girl_mad: Girl Mad Girl Mad
:girl_pinkglassesf: Girl Pinkglassesf Girl Pinkglassesf
:girl_sigh: Girl Sigh Girl Sigh
:girl_to_take_umbrag Girl To Take Umbrage Girl To Take Umbrage
:girl_witch: Girl Witch Girl Witch
:hunter: Hunter Hunter
:give_heart: Give Heart Give Heart
:Jaison_2: Jaison 2 Jaison 2
:JC_banger: JC Banger JC Banger
:JC_boo: JC Boo JC Boo
:JC_burp: JC Burp JC Burp
:JC_cheesy: JC Cheesy JC Cheesy
:JC_coffee: JC Coffee JC Coffee
:JC_coffee2: JC Coffee2 JC Coffee2
:JC_cowmoo: JC Cowmoo JC Cowmoo
:JC_exclamation: JC Exclamation JC Exclamation
:JC_flirt: JC Flirt JC Flirt
:JC_ghey: JC Ghey JC Ghey
:JC_golly: JC Golly JC Golly
:JC_goody: JC Goody JC Goody
:JC_handshake: JC Handshake JC Handshake
:JC_kilroy: JC Kilroy JC Kilroy
:JC_nun: JC Nun JC Nun
:JC_pray: JC Pray JC Pray
:JC_rimshot: JC Rimshot JC Rimshot
:JC_shipwrecked: JC Shipwrecked JC Shipwrecked
:JC_snack: JC Snack JC Snack
:JC_sneaky: JC Sneaky JC Sneaky
:JC_spank: JC Spank JC Spank
:JC_thinking: JC Thinking JC Thinking
:JC_wanted: JC Wanted JC Wanted
:JC_whack: JC Whack JC Whack
:JC_wonky: JC Wonky JC Wonky
:kez_03: Kez 03 Kez 03
:kez_05: Kez 05 Kez 05
:kez_09: Kez 09 Kez 09
:kez_11: Kez 11 Kez 11
:kirtsun_02full: Kirtsun 02full Kirtsun 02full
:koshecka_12: Koshecka 12 Koshecka 12
:kuzya_02: Kuzya 02 Kuzya 02
:Laie_3: Laie 3 Laie 3
:l_birthday: L Birthday L Birthday
:l_bubble: L Bubble L Bubble
:l_canon: L Canon L Canon
:l_cherry: L Cherry L Cherry
:l_clock: L Clock L Clock
:l_daisy: L Daisy L Daisy
:l_dance: L Dance L Dance
:l_diver: L Diver L Diver
:l_girl_kiss: L Girl Kiss L Girl Kiss
:l_happy_tired: L Happy Tired L Happy Tired
:l_hp: L Hp L Hp
:l_hug: L Hug L Hug
:l_kiss_hand: L Kiss Hand L Kiss Hand
:l_martini: L Martini L Martini
:l_nbubble: L Nbubble L Nbubble
:l_roller: L Roller L Roller
:l_sweet: L Sweet L Sweet
:l_teddy: L Teddy L Teddy
:l_training: L Training L Training
:l_turn: L Turn L Turn
:l_upset: L Upset L Upset
:l_wash: L Wash L Wash
:smile12: Smile12 Smile12
:smile14: Smile14 Smile14
:smile67: Smile67 Smile67
:viannen_70: Viannen 70 Viannen 70
:viannen_72: Viannen 72 Viannen 72
:viannen_77: Viannen 77 Viannen 77
:vishenka: Vishenka Vishenka
Imported Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
[-o< Pray Pray
:-({|= Boo hoo! Boo hoo!
:whip Sad Sad
:shock: Shocked Shocked
:-P Razz Razz
:!: Exclamation Exclamation
[-X Shame on you Shame on you
:-& Sick Sick
:smoke: Sad Sad
:-o Surprised Surprised
:-x Mad Mad
;-) Wink Wink
:---) Liar Liar
=; Speak to the hand Speak to the hand
:rolling Very Happy Very Happy
:sad: Sad Sad
:x Mad Mad
:wink: Wink Wink
:mrgreen: Mr. Green Mr. Green
:^o Liar Liar
O:) Angel Angel
:rock Smile Smile
:-( Sad Sad
:lol: Laughing Laughing
:roll: Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
:neutral: Neutral Neutral
=P~ Drool Drool
:-\" Whistle Whistle
nossir Smile Smile
:smile: Smile Smile
8-) Cool Cool
:twisted: Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
:-| Neutral Neutral
#-o d'oh! d'oh!
](*,) Brick wall Brick wall
:laughter Smile Smile
:-# Silenced Silenced
:-) Smile Smile
8) Cool Cool
:evil: Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
:| Neutral Neutral
=D> Applause Applause
:-k Think Think
:kissie Very Happy Very Happy
\\:D/ Dancing Dancing
:grin: Very Happy Very Happy
:???: Confused Confused
:cry: Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
:arrow: Arrow Arrow
:wellllcome Very Happy Very Happy
[-( Not talking Not talking
:dances: Very Happy Very Happy
:-s Eh? Eh?
:-D Very Happy Very Happy
:-? Confused Confused
:oops: Embarassed Embarassed
:idea: Idea Idea
:trrrolly Smile Smile
8-[ Anxious Anxious
:-$ Shhh Shhh
whoa Surprised Surprised
:? Confused Confused
:razz: Razz Razz
:?: Question Question
:squirrrrrel Smile Smile
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:engel_a009: Engel A009 Engel A009
:engel_c010: Engel C010 Engel C010
:engel_e030: Engel E030 Engel E030
:engel_a050: Engel A050 Engel A050
:engel_e025: Engel E025 Engel E025
:engel_a045: Engel A045 Engel A045
:engel_e020: Engel E020 Engel E020
:engel_g090: Engel G090 Engel G090
:engel_a040: Engel A040 Engel A040
:engel_e015: Engel E015 Engel E015
:engel_g080: Engel G080 Engel G080
:engel_a035: Engel A035 Engel A035
:engel_e010: Engel E010 Engel E010
:engel_g070: Engel G070 Engel G070
:engel_a030: Engel A030 Engel A030
:engel_c030: Engel C030 Engel C030
:engel_g060: Engel G060 Engel G060
:engel_a025: Engel A025 Engel A025
:engel_c025: Engel C025 Engel C025
:engel_g050: Engel G050 Engel G050
:engel_a019: Engel A019 Engel A019
:engel_c020: Engel C020 Engel C020
:engel_g040: Engel G040 Engel G040
:engel_a015: Engel A015 Engel A015
:engel_c015: Engel C015 Engel C015
:engel_g010: Engel G010 Engel G010
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:sweetanim10: Sweetanim10 Sweetanim10
:sweetanim09: Sweetanim09 Sweetanim09
:sweetanim20: Sweetanim20 Sweetanim20
:sweetanim08: Sweetanim08 Sweetanim08
:sweetanim19: Sweetanim19 Sweetanim19
:sweetanim07: Sweetanim07 Sweetanim07
:sweetanim16: Sweetanim16 Sweetanim16
:sweetanim06: Sweetanim06 Sweetanim06
:sweetanim15: Sweetanim15 Sweetanim15
:sweetanim05: Sweetanim05 Sweetanim05
:sweetanim01: Sweetanim01 Sweetanim01
:sweetanim14: Sweetanim14 Sweetanim14
:sweetanim04: Sweetanim04 Sweetanim04
:sweetanim13: Sweetanim13 Sweetanim13
:sweetanim03: Sweetanim03 Sweetanim03
:sweetanim12: Sweetanim12 Sweetanim12
:sweetanim02: Sweetanim02 Sweetanim02
:sweetanim11: Sweetanim11 Sweetanim11
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:dollz39: Dollz39 Dollz39
:dollengel22: Dollengel22 Dollengel22
:dollengel31: Dollengel31 Dollengel31
:disneydollz03: Disneydollz03 Disneydollz03
:dollengel40: Dollengel40 Dollengel40
:disneydollz13: Disneydollz13 Disneydollz13
:dollengel55: Dollengel55 Dollengel55
:disneydollz23: Disneydollz23 Disneydollz23
:dollz09: Dollz09 Dollz09
:dollengel02: Dollengel02 Dollengel02
:dollz19: Dollz19 Dollz19
:dollz29: Dollz29 Dollz29
:dollengel11: Dollengel11 Dollengel11
:dollz38: Dollz38 Dollz38
:dollengel21: Dollengel21 Dollengel21
:dollengel30: Dollengel30 Dollengel30
:disneydollz02: Disneydollz02 Disneydollz02
:dollengel39: Dollengel39 Dollengel39
:disneydollz12: Disneydollz12 Disneydollz12
:dollengel54: Dollengel54 Dollengel54
:disneydollz22: Disneydollz22 Disneydollz22
:dollz08: Dollz08 Dollz08
:dollengel01: Dollengel01 Dollengel01
:dollz17: Dollz17 Dollz17
:dollz28: Dollz28 Dollz28
:dollengel10: Dollengel10 Dollengel10
:dollz37: Dollz37 Dollz37
:dollengel20: Dollengel20 Dollengel20
:dollengel29: Dollengel29 Dollengel29
:disneydollz01: Disneydollz01 Disneydollz01
:dollengel38: Dollengel38 Dollengel38
:disneydollz11: Disneydollz11 Disneydollz11
:dollengel53: Dollengel53 Dollengel53
:disneydollz21: Disneydollz21 Disneydollz21
:dollz07: Dollz07 Dollz07
:disneydollz30: Disneydollz30 Disneydollz30
:dollz16: Dollz16 Dollz16
:dollengel09: Dollengel09 Dollengel09
:dollz27: Dollz27 Dollz27
:dollz36: Dollz36 Dollz36
:dollengel19: Dollengel19 Dollengel19
:dollengel28: Dollengel28 Dollengel28
:dollengel37: Dollengel37 Dollengel37
:disneydollz10: Disneydollz10 Disneydollz10
:dollengel52: Dollengel52 Dollengel52
:disneydollz19: Disneydollz19 Disneydollz19
:dollz04: Dollz04 Dollz04
:disneydollz29: Disneydollz29 Disneydollz29
:dollz15: Dollz15 Dollz15
:dollengel08: Dollengel08 Dollengel08
:dollz26: Dollz26 Dollz26
:dollz35: Dollz35 Dollz35
:dollengel18: Dollengel18 Dollengel18
:dollengel27: Dollengel27 Dollengel27
:dollengel36: Dollengel36 Dollengel36
:disneydollz09: Disneydollz09 Disneydollz09
:dollengel51: Dollengel51 Dollengel51
:disneydollz18: Disneydollz18 Disneydollz18
:dollz03: Dollz03 Dollz03
:disneydollz28: Disneydollz28 Disneydollz28
:dollz14: Dollz14 Dollz14
:dollengel07: Dollengel07 Dollengel07
:dollz24: Dollz24 Dollz24
:dollz34: Dollz34 Dollz34
:dollengel17: Dollengel17 Dollengel17
:dollz43: Dollz43 Dollz43
:dollengel26: Dollengel26 Dollengel26
:dollengel35: Dollengel35 Dollengel35
:disneydollz07: Disneydollz07 Disneydollz07
:dollengel50: Dollengel50 Dollengel50
:disneydollz17: Disneydollz17 Disneydollz17
:dollz02: Dollz02 Dollz02
:disneydollz27: Disneydollz27 Disneydollz27
:dollz13: Dollz13 Dollz13
:dollengel06: Dollengel06 Dollengel06
:dollz23: Dollz23 Dollz23
:dollz33: Dollz33 Dollz33
:dollengel16: Dollengel16 Dollengel16
:dollz42: Dollz42 Dollz42
:dollengel25: Dollengel25 Dollengel25
:dollengel34: Dollengel34 Dollengel34
:disneydollz06: Disneydollz06 Disneydollz06
:dollengel49: Dollengel49 Dollengel49
:disneydollz16: Disneydollz16 Disneydollz16
:dollz01: Dollz01 Dollz01
:disneydollz26: Disneydollz26 Disneydollz26
:dollz12: Dollz12 Dollz12
:dollengel05: Dollengel05 Dollengel05
:dollz22: Dollz22 Dollz22
:dollz32: Dollz32 Dollz32
:dollengel15: Dollengel15 Dollengel15
:dollz41: Dollz41 Dollz41
:dollengel24: Dollengel24 Dollengel24
:dollengel33: Dollengel33 Dollengel33
:disneydollz05: Disneydollz05 Disneydollz05
:dollengel47: Dollengel47 Dollengel47
:disneydollz15: Disneydollz15 Disneydollz15
:dollengel57: Dollengel57 Dollengel57
:disneydollz25: Disneydollz25 Disneydollz25
:dollz11: Dollz11 Dollz11
:dollengel04: Dollengel04 Dollengel04
:dollz21: Dollz21 Dollz21
:dollz31: Dollz31 Dollz31
:dollengel14: Dollengel14 Dollengel14
:dollz40: Dollz40 Dollz40
:dollengel23: Dollengel23 Dollengel23
:dollengel32: Dollengel32 Dollengel32
:disneydollz04: Disneydollz04 Disneydollz04
:dollengel42: Dollengel42 Dollengel42
:disneydollz14: Disneydollz14 Disneydollz14
:dollengel56: Dollengel56 Dollengel56
:disneydollz24: Disneydollz24 Disneydollz24
:dollz10: Dollz10 Dollz10
:dollengel03: Dollengel03 Dollengel03
:dollz20: Dollz20 Dollz20
:dollz30: Dollz30 Dollz30
:dollengel12: Dollengel12 Dollengel12
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:80: 80 80
:ufo3: Ufo3 Ufo3
:859022945ad18e5b5a2 859022945ad18e5b5a29 859022945ad18e5b5a29
:fsich3: Fsich3 Fsich3
:12547: 12547 12547
:wetter00011: Wetter00011 Wetter00011
:a140: A140 A140
:h060: H060 H060
:ah22: Ah22 Ah22
:HOHaloweenCat: HOHaloweenCat HOHaloweenCat
:bad: Bad Bad
:k0320: K0320 K0320
:brav: Brav Brav
:0041: 0041 0041
:mermaid3: Mermaid3 Mermaid3
:rotzfrech01: Rotzfrech01 Rotzfrech01
:crash: Crash Crash
:06010514: 06010514 06010514
:1uiy-d: 1uiy D 1uiy D
:thankyou: Thankyou Thankyou
:Faim17: Faim17 Faim17
:64: 64 64
:u025: U025 U025
:Frau84: Frau84 Frau84
:2258: 2258 2258
:weathermanf4: Weathermanf4 Weathermanf4
:a076: A076 A076
:h040: H040 H040
:ah8: Ah8 Ah8
:hirsch: Hirsch Hirsch
:a_feue11: A Feue11 A Feue11
:JC-ThankYou: JC ThankYou JC ThankYou
:boxer-1: Boxer 1 Boxer 1
:00: 00 00
:megadrueck2: Megadrueck2 Megadrueck2
:computer2: Computer2 Computer2
:06010443: 06010443 06010443
:regen: Regen Regen
:tha13jc9: Tha13jc9 Tha13jc9
:f6Ua8q9S: F6Ua8q9S F6Ua8q9S
:1uiy-7: 1uiy 7 1uiy 7
:35: 35 35
:trt13: Trt13 Trt13
:Frau63: Frau63 Frau63
:1254a: 1254a 1254a
:watch: Watch Watch
:a070: A070 A070
:h035: H035 H035
:ah4: Ah4 Ah4
:heulender%20Smiley: Heulender%20Smiley Heulender%20Smiley
:Avatar1: Avatar1 Avatar1
:INhousea1Relaxingby INhousea1Relaxingbythefire INhousea1Relaxingbythefire
:blurei1: Blurei1 Blurei1
:LRengel: LRengel LRengel
:cat57: Cat57 Cat57
:050: 050 050
:pouledanse: Pouledanse Pouledanse
:Sternenherz: Sternenherz Sternenherz
:f07223d137d3: F07223d137d3 F07223d137d3
:1uiy-6: 1uiy 6 1uiy 6
:30vg-7w: 30vg 7w 30vg 7w
:trost6: Trost6 Trost6
:Forum90: Forum90 Forum90
:416: 416 416
:wasser-animiert_3: Wasser Animiert 3 Wasser Animiert 3
:a060: A060 A060
:zKatze36: ZKatze36 ZKatze36
:AF1Cat0017: AF1Cat0017 AF1Cat0017
:herzweltgif: Herzweltgif Herzweltgif
:araignee-noire-marc Araignee Noire Marche Araignee Noire Marche
:IMAGE015252: IMAGE015252 IMAGE015252
:biss: Biss Biss
:loveshower: Loveshower Loveshower
:c070: C070 C070
:045: 045 045
:party_2: Party 2 Party 2
:stern7: Stern7 Stern7
:ewc010: Ewc010 Ewc010
:1uiy-5: 1uiy 5 1uiy 5
:30vg-5u: 30vg 5u 30vg 5u
:tinkerbell: Tinkerbell Tinkerbell
:floatie00413: Floatie00413 Floatie00413
:197: 197 197
:waschmaschine: Waschmaschine Waschmaschine
:a050: A050 A050
:zahn00019: Zahn00019 Zahn00019
:AF1BirdDuck09: AF1BirdDuck09 AF1BirdDuck09
:herzf: Herzf Herzf
:antoverkik: Antoverkik Antoverkik
:image01515: Image01515 Image01515
:birdfly: Birdfly Birdfly
:liebe_erotik_8: Liebe Erotik 8 Liebe Erotik 8
:c065: C065 C065
:041: 041 041
:nt13: Nt13 Nt13
:stern00082: Stern00082 Stern00082
:entesucht: Entesucht Entesucht
:1snoopy-004: 1snoopy 004 1snoopy 004
:7: 7 7
:tiere0270: Tiere0270 Tiere0270
:fistCLR2: FistCLR2 FistCLR2
:133: 133 133
:waesche: Waesche Waesche
:a042: A042 A042
:gluecklich0596: Gluecklich0596 Gluecklich0596
:x01-stern: X01 Stern X01 Stern
:a330: A330 A330
:Herz000281: Herz000281 Herz000281
:ANDSO14646: ANDSO14646 ANDSO14646
:image0022: Image0022 Image0022
:liebe_1592: Liebe 1592 Liebe 1592
:c041: C041 C041
:022: 022 022
:n040: N040 N040
:stern: Stern Stern
:Ecke-schaemen: Ecke Schaemen Ecke Schaemen
:1blue1: 1blue1 1blue1
:3_13_4: 3 13 4 3 13 4
:ti17: Ti17 Ti17
:fische: Fische Fische
:96: 96 96
:vampire: Vampire Vampire
:a010: A010 A010
:gluecklich0355: Gluecklich0355 Gluecklich0355
:Wolke22: Wolke22 Wolke22
:a300: A300 A300
:herz: Herz Herz
:alkohol: Alkohol Alkohol
:image0021: Image0021 Image0021
:bebe_nounours: Bebe Nounours Bebe Nounours
:c029: C029 C029
:01120314848: 01120314848 01120314848
:n020: N020 N020
:springsmile: Springsmile Springsmile
:dog4: Dog4 Dog4
:1biene: 1biene 1biene
:3d-Amoureux2: 3d Amoureux2 3d Amoureux2
:ti6: Ti6 Ti6
:figuren058: Figuren058 Figuren058
:87: 87 87
:urlaub12: Urlaub12 Urlaub12
:1973771557463c9915d 1973771557463c9915dd176 1973771557463c9915dd176
:FUNNY_110: FUNNY 110 FUNNY 110
:wildrose1: Wildrose1 Wildrose1
:a290: A290 A290
:hehehehehe: Hehehehehe Hehehehehe
:ah31: Ah31 Ah31
:hot_dog3: Hot Dog3 Hot Dog3
:beach: Beach Beach
:k3gif: K3gif K3gif
:bubi: Bubi Bubi
:01: 01 01
:n015: N015 N015
:smilie_bad_26: Smilie Bad 26 Smilie Bad 26
:Depoussierer: Depoussierer Depoussierer
:1: 1 1
:2butterflie: 2butterflie 2butterflie
:ti4: Ti4 Ti4
:fh: Fh Fh
:83: 83 83
:unglaublich: Unglaublich Unglaublich
:114141336543be36c2e 114141336543be36c2e2bb8 114141336543be36c2e2bb8
:funa4: Funa4 Funa4
:7377223_l: 7377223 L 7377223 L
:a230: A230 A230
:HEARTS15050: HEARTS15050 HEARTS15050
:ah27: Ah27 Ah27
:HOPartychampagne2: HOPartychampagne2 HOPartychampagne2
:bauch: Bauch Bauch
:k1: K1 K1
:brunnen11: Brunnen11 Brunnen11
:01-rosesbee1: 01 Rosesbee1 01 Rosesbee1
:moin1: Moin1 Moin1
:schaf: Schaf Schaf
:d030: D030 D030
:07F5E614: 07F5E614 07F5E614
:2: 2 2
:ti3: Ti3 Ti3
:FaTjoXwnghoZznpT2ol FaTjoXwnghoZznpT2oloG1 FaTjoXwnghoZznpT2oloG1
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:Kiss%20of%20love: Kiss%20of%20love Kiss%20of%20love
:I%20love%20you1: I%20love%20you1 I%20love%20you1
:PDT_Love_06: PDT Love 06 PDT Love 06
:PDT_Love_15: PDT Love 15 PDT Love 15
:PDT_Love_24: PDT Love 24 PDT Love 24
:hot%20over%20you: Hot%20over%20you Hot%20over%20you
:PDT_Love_05: PDT Love 05 PDT Love 05
:PDT_Love_14: PDT Love 14 PDT Love 14
:PDT_Love_23: PDT Love 23 PDT Love 23
:Hi%20ya: Hi%20ya Hi%20ya
:PDT_Love_04: PDT Love 04 PDT Love 04
:PDT_Love_13: PDT Love 13 PDT Love 13
:PDT_Love_22: PDT Love 22 PDT Love 22
:Heart%20fill%20with Heart%20fill%20with%20love Heart%20fill%20with%20love
:PDT_Love_03: PDT Love 03 PDT Love 03
:PDT_Love_12: PDT Love 12 PDT Love 12
:PDT_Love_21: PDT Love 21 PDT Love 21
:Happy: Happy Happy
:PDT_Love_02: PDT Love 02 PDT Love 02
:PDT_Love_11: PDT Love 11 PDT Love 11
:PDT_Love_20: PDT Love 20 PDT Love 20
:mylove: Mylove Mylove
:PDT_Love_01: PDT Love 01 PDT Love 01
:PDT_Love_10: PDT Love 10 PDT Love 10
:PDT_Love_19: PDT Love 19 PDT Love 19
:PDT_Love_28: PDT Love 28 PDT Love 28
:my%20Heart%20fire%2 My%20Heart%20fire%20up%20for%20you My%20Heart%20fire%20up%20for%20you
:PDT_Love_09: PDT Love 09 PDT Love 09
:PDT_Love_18: PDT Love 18 PDT Love 18
:PDT_Love_27: PDT Love 27 PDT Love 27
:love%20together: Love%20together Love%20together
:PDT_Love_08: PDT Love 08 PDT Love 08
:PDT_Love_17: PDT Love 17 PDT Love 17
:PDT_Love_26: PDT Love 26 PDT Love 26
:love%20sick: Love%20sick Love%20sick
:i%20love%20you2: I%20love%20you2 I%20love%20you2
:PDT_Love_07: PDT Love 07 PDT Love 07
:PDT_Love_16: PDT Love 16 PDT Love 16
:PDT_Love_25: PDT Love 25 PDT Love 25
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:lustig_d045: Lustig D045 Lustig D045
:00u05: 00u05 00u05
:glasses: Glasses Glasses
:xlt_interessant: Xlt Interessant Xlt Interessant
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 40 Rainbow Colorz PDT 40
:fish: Fish Fish
:nahrung_h010: Nahrung H010 Nahrung H010
:arbeit_a070: Arbeit A070 Arbeit A070
:konfus_d045: Konfus D045 Konfus D045
:teufel_a010: Teufel A010 Teufel A010
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 29 Rainbow Colorz PDT 29
:burp: Burp Burp
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 38 Rainbow Colorz PDT 38
:clap: Clap Clap
:lustig_h040: Lustig H040 Lustig H040
:0003: 0003 0003
:heartbeat: Heartbeat Heartbeat
:xlt_vschwoer: Xlt Vschwoer Xlt Vschwoer
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 49 Rainbow Colorz PDT 49
:gingerboy: Gingerboy Gingerboy
:nahrung_k010: Nahrung K010 Nahrung K010
:arbeit_d015: Arbeit D015 Arbeit D015
:konfus_g040: Konfus G040 Konfus G040
:teufel_g030: Teufel G030 Teufel G030
:code_smll_devil_02: Code Smll Devil 02 Code Smll Devil 02
:muede_a010: Muede A010 Muede A010
:009: 009 009
:icon_cheesygrin_PDT Icon Cheesygrin PDT Icon Cheesygrin PDT
:xpb_fad: Xpb Fad Xpb Fad
:schaukel: Schaukel Schaukel
:papa: Papa Papa
:arbeit_f010: Arbeit F010 Arbeit F010
:lieb_a015: Lieb A015 Lieb A015
:teufel_n025: Teufel N025 Teufel N025
:code_smll_flowerpow Code Smll Flowerpower 05 Code Smll Flowerpower 05
:muede_a055: Muede A055 Muede A055
:16: 16 16
:icon_lol_PDT: Icon Lol PDT Icon Lol PDT
:xpb_miristegal: Xpb Miristegal Xpb Miristegal
:silly: Silly Silly
:pompom2: Pompom2 Pompom2
:arbeit_f055: Arbeit F055 Arbeit F055
:lieb_d010: Lieb D010 Lieb D010
:traurig_a035: Traurig A035 Traurig A035
:traurig_d030: Traurig D030 Traurig D030
:code_smll_trooper_0 Code Smll Trooper 02 Code Smll Trooper 02
:muede_d050: Muede D050 Muede D050
:29: 29 29
:icon_smile_PDT: Icon Smile PDT Icon Smile PDT
:xpb_sonicht: Xpb Sonicht Xpb Sonicht
:sm_00: Sm 00 Sm 00
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 01 Rainbow Colorz PDT 01
:arbeit_k025: Arbeit K025 Arbeit K025
:lieb_d055: Lieb D055 Lieb D055
:0i024: 0i024 0i024
:WBCT-11: WBCT 11 WBCT 11
:cryingwlaughter: Cryingwlaughter Cryingwlaughter
:nahrung_a015: Nahrung A015 Nahrung A015
:74: 74 74
:kiss: Kiss Kiss
:xpb_wave: Xpb Wave Xpb Wave
:sm_09: Sm 09 Sm 09
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 10 Rainbow Colorz PDT 10
:baden: Baden Baden
:lightblub: Lightblub Lightblub
:0o016: 0o016 0o016
:xdo_kaputt: Xdo Kaputt Xdo Kaputt
:dead1: Dead1 Dead1
:nahrung_d010: Nahrung D010 Nahrung D010
:arbeit_a020: Arbeit A020 Arbeit A020
:konfus_a040: Konfus A040 Konfus A040
:sm_inlove_p_g1: Sm Inlove P G1 Sm Inlove P G1
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 19 Rainbow Colorz PDT 19
:blower1: Blower1 Blower1
:lustig_a045: Lustig A045 Lustig A045
:00i06: 00i06 00i06
:lustig_d040: Lustig D040 Lustig D040
:00k26: 00k26 00k26
:xlt_gutenacht: Xlt Gutenacht Xlt Gutenacht
:fiscalparadise: Fiscalparadise Fiscalparadise
:nahrung_f030: Nahrung F030 Nahrung F030
:arbeit_a065: Arbeit A065 Arbeit A065
:konfus_d040: Konfus D040 Konfus D040
:tanzens: Tanzens Tanzens
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 28 Rainbow Colorz PDT 28
:burger: Burger Burger
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 37 Rainbow Colorz PDT 37
:christmas: Christmas Christmas
:lustig_h035: Lustig H035 Lustig H035
:0001: 0001 0001
:heart: Heart Heart
:xlt_ups: Xlt Ups Xlt Ups
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 48 Rainbow Colorz PDT 48
:giggle: Giggle Giggle
:nahrung_h075: Nahrung H075 Nahrung H075
:arbeit_d010: Arbeit D010 Arbeit D010
:konfus_g035: Konfus G035 Konfus G035
:teufel_g020: Teufel G020 Teufel G020
:code_smll_devil_01: Code Smll Devil 01 Code Smll Devil 01
:morgensmile: Morgensmile Morgensmile
:0034: 0034 0034
:icon_biggrin_PDT: Icon Biggrin PDT Icon Biggrin PDT
:xpb_eek: Xpb Eek Xpb Eek
:schaaf: Schaaf Schaaf
:oh: Oh Oh
:arbeit_d055: Arbeit D055 Arbeit D055
:lieb_a010: Lieb A010 Lieb A010
:teufel_n020: Teufel N020 Teufel N020
:code_smll_flowerpow Code Smll Flowerpower 04 Code Smll Flowerpower 04
:muede_a050: Muede A050 Muede A050
:14: 14 14
:icon_idea_PDT: Icon Idea PDT Icon Idea PDT
:xpb_knuddel: Xpb Knuddel Xpb Knuddel
:sick: Sick Sick
:pompom1: Pompom1 Pompom1
:arbeit_f050: Arbeit F050 Arbeit F050
:lieb_a055: Lieb A055 Lieb A055
:traurig_a030: Traurig A030 Traurig A030
:traurig_d025: Traurig D025 Traurig D025
:code_smll_trooper_0 Code Smll Trooper 01 Code Smll Trooper 01
:muede_d045: Muede D045 Muede D045
:28: 28 28
:icon_sad_PDT: Icon Sad PDT Icon Sad PDT
:xpb_smash: Xpb Smash Xpb Smash
:smokelots: Smokelots Smokelots
:raiinbow: Raiinbow Raiinbow
:arbeit_k020: Arbeit K020 Arbeit K020
:lieb_d050: Lieb D050 Lieb D050
:0i014: 0i014 0i014
:veg: Veg Veg
:crying3: Crying3 Crying3
:nahrung_a010: Nahrung A010 Nahrung A010
:73: 73 73
:killer: Killer Killer
:xpb_vogel: Xpb Vogel Xpb Vogel
:sm_08: Sm 08 Sm 08
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 09 Rainbow Colorz PDT 09
:babydance: Babydance Babydance
:lieb_g045: Lieb G045 Lieb G045
:0k078: 0k078 0k078
:xdo_imsmilin2: Xdo Imsmilin2 Xdo Imsmilin2
:dancin2: Dancin2 Dancin2
:nahrung_c030: Nahrung C030 Nahrung C030
:arbeit_a015: Arbeit A015 Arbeit A015
:konfus_a035: Konfus A035 Konfus A035
:sm_inlove_p_b1: Sm Inlove P B1 Sm Inlove P B1
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 18 Rainbow Colorz PDT 18
:blackeye2: Blackeye2 Blackeye2
:lustig_a040: Lustig A040 Lustig A040
:0zu017: 0zu017 0zu017
:00k21: 00k21 00k21
:xlt_gh: Xlt Gh Xlt Gh
:finger: Finger Finger
:nahrung_f025: Nahrung F025 Nahrung F025
:arbeit_a060: Arbeit A060 Arbeit A060
:konfus_d035: Konfus D035 Konfus D035
:sun: Sun Sun
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 27 Rainbow Colorz PDT 27
:bull: Bull Bull
:lustig_d035: Lustig D035 Lustig D035
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 36 Rainbow Colorz PDT 36
:chopper: Chopper Chopper
:lustig_h030: Lustig H030 Lustig H030
:000u5: 000u5 000u5
:happy: Happy Happy
:xlt_smile: Xlt Smile Xlt Smile
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 47 Rainbow Colorz PDT 47
:funny: Funny Funny
:nahrung_h070: Nahrung H070 Nahrung H070
:arbeit_c030: Arbeit C030 Arbeit C030
:konfus_g030: Konfus G030 Konfus G030
:teufel_g010: Teufel G010 Teufel G010
:code_smll_devil_00: Code Smll Devil 00 Code Smll Devil 00
:monalisa: Monalisa Monalisa
:002k6: 002k6 002k6
:icon_arrow_PDT: Icon Arrow PDT Icon Arrow PDT
:xpb_dr_e: Xpb Dr E Xpb Dr E
:scared: Scared Scared
:officework: Officework Officework
:arbeit_d050: Arbeit D050 Arbeit D050
:leavehome: Leavehome Leavehome
:teufel_n010: Teufel N010 Teufel N010
:code_smll_flowerpow Code Smll Flowerpower 03 Code Smll Flowerpower 03
:muede_a045: Muede A045 Muede A045
:13: 13 13
:icon_frown_PDT: Icon Frown PDT Icon Frown PDT
:xpb_hoff: Xpb Hoff Xpb Hoff
:shelley: Shelley Shelley
:plane: Plane Plane
:arbeit_f045: Arbeit F045 Arbeit F045
:lieb_a050: Lieb A050 Lieb A050
:traurig_a025: Traurig A025 Traurig A025
:traurig_d020: Traurig D020 Traurig D020
:code_smll_trooper_0 Code Smll Trooper 00 Code Smll Trooper 00
:muede_d040: Muede D040 Muede D040
:26: 26 26
:icon_rolleyes_PDT: Icon Rolleyes PDT Icon Rolleyes PDT
:xpb_sleep: Xpb Sleep Xpb Sleep
:smilie_trink_057: Smilie Trink 057 Smilie Trink 057
:puppy2: Puppy2 Puppy2
:arbeit_k015: Arbeit K015 Arbeit K015
:lieb_d045: Lieb D045 Lieb D045
:0i011: 0i011 0i011
:tv: Tv Tv
:crying2: Crying2 Crying2
:murf: Murf Murf
:72: 72 72
:kaffeetasse: Kaffeetasse Kaffeetasse
:xpb_tongue: Xpb Tongue Xpb Tongue
:sm_07: Sm 07 Sm 07
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 08 Rainbow Colorz PDT 08
:argument: Argument Argument
:lieb_g040: Lieb G040 Lieb G040
:0k024: 0k024 0k024
:whiteflower: Whiteflower Whiteflower
:dancin1: Dancin1 Dancin1
:nahrung_c025: Nahrung C025 Nahrung C025
:arbeit_a010: Arbeit A010 Arbeit A010
:konfus_a030: Konfus A030 Konfus A030
:sm_flowerpower_secr Sm Flowerpower Secret1 Sm Flowerpower Secret1
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 17 Rainbow Colorz PDT 17
:blackeye: Blackeye Blackeye
:lustig_a035: Lustig A035 Lustig A035
:0z009: 0z009 0z009
:00k19: 00k19 00k19
:xlt_genau: Xlt Genau Xlt Genau
:fart: Fart Fart
:nahrung_f020: Nahrung F020 Nahrung F020
:arbeit_a055: Arbeit A055 Arbeit A055
:konfus_d030: Konfus D030 Konfus D030
:spider: Spider Spider
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 26 Rainbow Colorz PDT 26
:bugsbunny: Bugsbunny Bugsbunny
:lustig_d030: Lustig D030 Lustig D030
:chocolate: Chocolate Chocolate
:lustig_h025: Lustig H025 Lustig H025
:000k3: 000k3 000k3
:grin3: Grin3 Grin3
:xlt_seufz: Xlt Seufz Xlt Seufz
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 46 Rainbow Colorz PDT 46
:flypig: Flypig Flypig
:nahrung_h065: Nahrung H065 Nahrung H065
:arbeit_c025: Arbeit C025 Arbeit C025
:konfus_g025: Konfus G025 Konfus G025
:teufel_d015: Teufel D015 Teufel D015
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 35 Rainbow Colorz PDT 35
:code_smll_classic_0 Code Smll Classic 05 Code Smll Classic 05
:marijane: Marijane Marijane
:0016: 0016 0016
:hypnotised: Hypnotised Hypnotised
:xpb_danke: Xpb Danke Xpb Danke
:santa: Santa Santa
:nudelwalker: Nudelwalker Nudelwalker
:arbeit_d045: Arbeit D045 Arbeit D045
:langue: Langue Langue
:teufel_k030: Teufel K030 Teufel K030
:code_smll_flowerpow Code Smll Flowerpower 02 Code Smll Flowerpower 02
:muede_a040: Muede A040 Muede A040
:10: 10 10
:icon_exclaim_PDT: Icon Exclaim PDT Icon Exclaim PDT
:xpb_gutidee: Xpb Gutidee Xpb Gutidee
:sekt: Sekt Sekt
:piton2: Piton2 Piton2
:arbeit_f040: Arbeit F040 Arbeit F040
:lieb_a045: Lieb A045 Lieb A045
:traurig_a020: Traurig A020 Traurig A020
:traurig_d015: Traurig D015 Traurig D015
:code_smll_inlove_05 Code Smll Inlove 05 Code Smll Inlove 05
:muede_d035: Muede D035 Muede D035
:25: 25 25
:icon_redface_PDT: Icon Redface PDT Icon Redface PDT
:xpb_shy: Xpb Shy Xpb Shy
:smile4: Smile4 Smile4
:puke3: Puke3 Puke3
:arbeit_k010: Arbeit K010 Arbeit K010
:lieb_d040: Lieb D040 Lieb D040
:0i003: 0i003 0i003
:tumb: Tumb Tumb
:crying1: Crying1 Crying1
:muede_k030: Muede K030 Muede K030
:56: 56 56
:jimbo: Jimbo Jimbo
:xpb_thumbsup: Xpb Thumbsup Xpb Thumbsup
:sm_06: Sm 06 Sm 06
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 07 Rainbow Colorz PDT 07
:arbeit_n030: Arbeit N030 Arbeit N030
:lieb_g035: Lieb G035 Lieb G035
:0j026: 0j026 0j026
:weightlifting: Weightlifting Weightlifting
:ctwtb051: Ctwtb051 Ctwtb051
:nahrung_c020: Nahrung C020 Nahrung C020
:apple: Apple Apple
:konfus_a025: Konfus A025 Konfus A025
:sm_devil_secret_b1: Sm Devil Secret B1 Sm Devil Secret B1
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 16 Rainbow Colorz PDT 16
:biteme: Biteme Biteme
:lustig_a030: Lustig A030 Lustig A030
:0z002: 0z002 0z002
:00k18: 00k18 00k18
:xlt_draumi: Xlt Draumi Xlt Draumi
:fairy: Fairy Fairy
:nahrung_f015: Nahrung F015 Nahrung F015
:arbeit_a050: Arbeit A050 Arbeit A050
:konfus_d025: Konfus D025 Konfus D025
:spam: Spam Spam
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 25 Rainbow Colorz PDT 25
:bubblegum: Bubblegum Bubblegum
:lustig_d025: Lustig D025 Lustig D025
:callyou: Callyou Callyou
:lustig_h020: Lustig H020 Lustig H020
:00z19: 00z19 00z19
:grin2: Grin2 Grin2
:xlt_schind: Xlt Schind Xlt Schind
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 45 Rainbow Colorz PDT 45
:flower2: Flower2 Flower2
:nahrung_h060: Nahrung H060 Nahrung H060
:arbeit_c020: Arbeit C020 Arbeit C020
:konfus_g020: Konfus G020 Konfus G020
:teufel_d010: Teufel D010 Teufel D010
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 34 Rainbow Colorz PDT 34
:code_smll_classic_0 Code Smll Classic 04 Code Smll Classic 04
:mallet: Mallet Mallet
:0010: 0010 0010
:hubbahubba: Hubbahubba Hubbahubba
:xpb_cry: Xpb Cry Xpb Cry
:Rockman: Rockman Rockman
:no: No No
:arbeit_d040: Arbeit D040 Arbeit D040
:lach: Lach Lach
:teufel_k025: Teufel K025 Teufel K025
:code_smll_flowerpow Code Smll Flowerpower 01 Code Smll Flowerpower 01
:muede_a035: Muede A035 Muede A035
:9: 9 9
:icon_evil_PDT: Icon Evil PDT Icon Evil PDT
:xpb_grummel: Xpb Grummel Xpb Grummel
:scream2: Scream2 Scream2
:piton1: Piton1 Piton1
:arbeit_f035: Arbeit F035 Arbeit F035
:lieb_a040: Lieb A040 Lieb A040
:traurig_a015: Traurig A015 Traurig A015
:traurig_d010: Traurig D010 Traurig D010
:code_smll_inlove_04 Code Smll Inlove 04 Code Smll Inlove 04
:muede_d030: Muede D030 Muede D030
:23: 23 23
:icon_razz_PDT: Icon Razz PDT Icon Razz PDT
:xpb_sad: Xpb Sad Xpb Sad
:smile3: Smile3 Smile3
:prosper: Prosper Prosper
:arbeit_h030: Arbeit H030 Arbeit H030
:lieb_d035: Lieb D035 Lieb D035
:traurig_d055: Traurig D055 Traurig D055
:crazy: Crazy Crazy
:muede_k025: Muede K025 Muede K025
:53: 53 53
:jesus: Jesus Jesus
:xpb_thumbsdown: Xpb Thumbsdown Xpb Thumbsdown
:sm_05: Sm 05 Sm 05
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 06 Rainbow Colorz PDT 06
:arbeit_n025: Arbeit N025 Arbeit N025
:lieb_g025: Lieb G025 Lieb G025
:0j024: 0j024 0j024
:WCT31: WCT31 WCT31
:ctwtb031: Ctwtb031 Ctwtb031
:nahrung_c015: Nahrung C015 Nahrung C015
:angry2: Angry2 Angry2
:konfus_a020: Konfus A020 Konfus A020
:zaubern: Zaubern Zaubern
:sm_devil_p1: Sm Devil P1 Sm Devil P1
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 15 Rainbow Colorz PDT 15
:biglol: Biglol Biglol
:lustig_a025: Lustig A025 Lustig A025
:0u027: 0u027 0u027
:xlt_dadr: Xlt Dadr Xlt Dadr
:doughnut: Doughnut Doughnut
:nahrung_f010: Nahrung F010 Nahrung F010
:arbeit_a045: Arbeit A045 Arbeit A045
:konfus_d020: Konfus D020 Konfus D020
:southpark: Southpark Southpark
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 24 Rainbow Colorz PDT 24
:breakpc2: Breakpc2 Breakpc2
:lustig_d020: Lustig D020 Lustig D020
:00k01: 00k01 00k01
:cactus: Cactus Cactus
:lustig_h015: Lustig H015 Lustig H015
:00z16: 00z16 00z16
:grin1: Grin1 Grin1
:xlt_schade: Xlt Schade Xlt Schade
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 44 Rainbow Colorz PDT 44
:flower: Flower Flower
:nahrung_h055: Nahrung H055 Nahrung H055
:arbeit_c015: Arbeit C015 Arbeit C015
:konfus_g015: Konfus G015 Konfus G015
:teufel_a030: Teufel A030 Teufel A030
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 33 Rainbow Colorz PDT 33
:code_smll_classic_0 Code Smll Classic 03 Code Smll Classic 03
:makeup: Makeup Makeup
:001j0: 001j0 001j0
:hi: Hi Hi
:xpb_cool: Xpb Cool Xpb Cool
:rioja: Rioja Rioja
:nahrung_k030: Nahrung K030 Nahrung K030
:arbeit_d035: Arbeit D035 Arbeit D035
:kylemom: Kylemom Kylemom
:teufel_k020: Teufel K020 Teufel K020
:code_smll_flowerpow Code Smll Flowerpower 00 Code Smll Flowerpower 00
:muede_a030: Muede A030 Muede A030
:6: 6 6
:icon_eek_PDT: Icon Eek PDT Icon Eek PDT
:xpb_grin: Xpb Grin Xpb Grin
:scream: Scream Scream
:pikacu: Pikacu Pikacu
:arbeit_f030: Arbeit F030 Arbeit F030
:lieb_a035: Lieb A035 Lieb A035
:traurig_a010: Traurig A010 Traurig A010
:traurig_a055: Traurig A055 Traurig A055
:code_smll_inlove_03 Code Smll Inlove 03 Code Smll Inlove 03
:muede_d025: Muede D025 Muede D025
:22: 22 22
:icon_question_PDT: Icon Question PDT Icon Question PDT
:xpb_red: Xpb Red Xpb Red
:smile2: Smile2 Smile2
:propeller: Propeller Propeller
:arbeit_h025: Arbeit H025 Arbeit H025
:lieb_d030: Lieb D030 Lieb D030
:traurig_d050: Traurig D050 Traurig D050
:computergame: Computergame Computergame
:muede_k020: Muede K020 Muede K020
:48: 48 48
:irre: Irre Irre
:xpb_susp: Xpb Susp Xpb Susp
:sm_04: Sm 04 Sm 04
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 05 Rainbow Colorz PDT 05
:arbeit_n020: Arbeit N020 Arbeit N020
:lieb_g020: Lieb G020 Lieb G020
:0j009: 0j009 0j009
:WCT21: WCT21 WCT21
:ctwtb011: Ctwtb011 Ctwtb011
:nahrung_c010: Nahrung C010 Nahrung C010
:angry1: Angry1 Angry1
:konfus_a015: Konfus A015 Konfus A015
:zauberer: Zauberer Zauberer
:sm_classic_secret_c Sm Classic Secret C1 Sm Classic Secret C1
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 14 Rainbow Colorz PDT 14
:beingsick: Beingsick Beingsick
:lustig_a020: Lustig A020 Lustig A020
:0u017: 0u017 0u017
:xlt_capito: Xlt Capito Xlt Capito
:doll3: Doll3 Doll3
:nahrung_d030: Nahrung D030 Nahrung D030
:arbeit_a040: Arbeit A040 Arbeit A040
:konfus_d015: Konfus D015 Konfus D015
:snowwave: Snowwave Snowwave
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 23 Rainbow Colorz PDT 23
:breakpc1: Breakpc1 Breakpc1
:lustig_d015: Lustig D015 Lustig D015
:00j23: 00j23 00j23
:bye2: Bye2 Bye2
:lustig_h010: Lustig H010 Lustig H010
:00z15: 00z15 00z15
:goround: Goround Goround
:xlt_raeusper: Xlt Raeusper Xlt Raeusper
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 43 Rainbow Colorz PDT 43
:flasher: Flasher Flasher
:nahrung_h050: Nahrung H050 Nahrung H050
:arbeit_c010: Arbeit C010 Arbeit C010
:konfus_g010: Konfus G010 Konfus G010
:teufel_a025: Teufel A025 Teufel A025
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 32 Rainbow Colorz PDT 32
:code_smll_classic_0 Code Smll Classic 02 Code Smll Classic 02
:lustig_h055: Lustig H055 Lustig H055
:0006: 0006 0006
:hello2: Hello2 Hello2
:xpb_burn: Xpb Burn Xpb Burn
:raspberry: Raspberry Raspberry
:nahrung_k025: Nahrung K025 Nahrung K025
:arbeit_d030: Arbeit D030 Arbeit D030
:konfus_g055: Konfus G055 Konfus G055
:teufel_k017: Teufel K017 Teufel K017
:code_smll_devil_05: Code Smll Devil 05 Code Smll Devil 05
:muede_a025: Muede A025 Muede A025
:4: 4 4
:icon_cry_PDT: Icon Cry PDT Icon Cry PDT
:xpb_google: Xpb Google Xpb Google
:scratchchin: Scratchchin Scratchchin
:pigball: Pigball Pigball
:arbeit_f025: Arbeit F025 Arbeit F025
:lieb_a030: Lieb A030 Lieb A030
:thumbsup: Thumbsup Thumbsup
:traurig_a050: Traurig A050 Traurig A050
:code_smll_inlove_02 Code Smll Inlove 02 Code Smll Inlove 02
:muede_d020: Muede D020 Muede D020
:19: 19 19
:icon_neutral_PDT: Icon Neutral PDT Icon Neutral PDT
:xpb_nut: Xpb Nut Xpb Nut
:smile1: Smile1 Smile1
:prodigy: Prodigy Prodigy
:arbeit_h020: Arbeit H020 Arbeit H020
:lieb_d025: Lieb D025 Lieb D025
:traurig_d045: Traurig D045 Traurig D045
:code_smll_trooper_0 Code Smll Trooper 05 Code Smll Trooper 05
:muede_k015: Muede K015 Muede K015
:44: 44 44
:icon_wink_PDT: Icon Wink PDT Icon Wink PDT
:xpb_stupid: Xpb Stupid Xpb Stupid
:sm_03: Sm 03 Sm 03
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 04 Rainbow Colorz PDT 04
:arbeit_n015: Arbeit N015 Arbeit N015
:lieb_g018: Lieb G018 Lieb G018
:0j008: 0j008 0j008
:WCT11: WCT11 WCT11
:CT31: CT31 CT31
:nahrung_a030: Nahrung A030 Nahrung A030
:ahhhhhhh: Ahhhhhhh Ahhhhhhh
:konfus_a010: Konfus A010 Konfus A010
:yes: Yes Yes
:sm_12: Sm 12 Sm 12
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 13 Rainbow Colorz PDT 13
:beer: Beer Beer
:lustig_a015: Lustig A015 Lustig A015
:0u011: 0u011 0u011
:xdo_siehabenpost: Xdo Siehabenpost Xdo Siehabenpost
:doll2: Doll2 Doll2
:nahrung_d025: Nahrung D025 Nahrung D025
:arbeit_a035: Arbeit A035 Arbeit A035
:konfus_d010: Konfus D010 Konfus D010
:sm_trooper_secret_c Sm Trooper Secret C1 Sm Trooper Secret C1
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 22 Rainbow Colorz PDT 22
:braces: Braces Braces
:lustig_d010: Lustig D010 Lustig D010
:00j10: 00j10 00j10
:lustig_d055: Lustig D055 Lustig D055
:00z06: 00z06 00z06
:goingmad: Goingmad Goingmad
:xlt_langweilig: Xlt Langweilig Xlt Langweilig
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 42 Rainbow Colorz PDT 42
:flaming: Flaming Flaming
:nahrung_h030: Nahrung H030 Nahrung H030
:arbeit_a080: Arbeit A080 Arbeit A080
:konfus_d055: Konfus D055 Konfus D055
:teufel_a020: Teufel A020 Teufel A020
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 31 Rainbow Colorz PDT 31
:bye1: Bye1 Bye1
:code_smll_classic_0 Code Smll Classic 00 Code Smll Classic 00
:lustig_h050: Lustig H050 Lustig H050
:0005: 0005 0005
:hello1: Hello1 Hello1
:xpb_brav: Xpb Brav Xpb Brav
:ralphsnart: Ralphsnart Ralphsnart
:nahrung_k020: Nahrung K020 Nahrung K020
:arbeit_d025: Arbeit D025 Arbeit D025
:konfus_g050: Konfus G050 Konfus G050
:teufel_k015: Teufel K015 Teufel K015
:code_smll_devil_04: Code Smll Devil 04 Code Smll Devil 04
:muede_a020: Muede A020 Muede A020
:016: 016 016
:icon_cool_PDT: Icon Cool PDT Icon Cool PDT
:xpb_freu: Xpb Freu Xpb Freu
:schnatz011: Schnatz011 Schnatz011
:pickingnose: Pickingnose Pickingnose
:arbeit_f020: Arbeit F020 Arbeit F020
:lieb_a025: Lieb A025 Lieb A025
:thinking2: Thinking2 Thinking2
:code_smll_inlove_01 Code Smll Inlove 01 Code Smll Inlove 01
:muede_d015: Muede D015 Muede D015
:18: 18 18
:icon_mrgreen_PDT: Icon Mrgreen PDT Icon Mrgreen PDT
:xpb_nixweis: Xpb Nixweis Xpb Nixweis
:sleezy: Sleezy Sleezy
:princess: Princess Princess
:arbeit_h015: Arbeit H015 Arbeit H015
:lieb_d020: Lieb D020 Lieb D020
:traurig_a045: Traurig A045 Traurig A045
:traurig_d040: Traurig D040 Traurig D040
:code_smll_trooper_0 Code Smll Trooper 04 Code Smll Trooper 04
:muede_k010: Muede K010 Muede K010
:43: 43 43
:icon_twisted_PDT: Icon Twisted PDT Icon Twisted PDT
:xpb_spock: Xpb Spock Xpb Spock
:sm_02: Sm 02 Sm 02
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 03 Rainbow Colorz PDT 03
:arbeit_n010: Arbeit N010 Arbeit N010
:lieb_g015: Lieb G015 Lieb G015
:0j006: 0j006 0j006
:WBCT-31: WBCT 31 WBCT 31
:CT21: CT21 CT21
:nahrung_a025: Nahrung A025 Nahrung A025
:79: 79 79
:kitty: Kitty Kitty
:yawn: Yawn Yawn
:sm_11: Sm 11 Sm 11
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 12 Rainbow Colorz PDT 12
:beatingheart: Beatingheart Beatingheart
:lustig_a010: Lustig A010 Lustig A010
:0u009: 0u009 0u009
:xdo_schleimer: Xdo Schleimer Xdo Schleimer
:doll1: Doll1 Doll1
:nahrung_d020: Nahrung D020 Nahrung D020
:arbeit_a030: Arbeit A030 Arbeit A030
:konfus_a050: Konfus A050 Konfus A050
:sm_trooper_p1: Sm Trooper P1 Sm Trooper P1
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 21 Rainbow Colorz PDT 21
:blush: Blush Blush
:lustig_a055: Lustig A055 Lustig A055
:00i21: 00i21 00i21
:lustig_d050: Lustig D050 Lustig D050
:00u08: 00u08 00u08
:goaround: Goaround Goaround
:xlt_isagnix: Xlt Isagnix Xlt Isagnix
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 41 Rainbow Colorz PDT 41
:fishing: Fishing Fishing
:nahrung_h015: Nahrung H015 Nahrung H015
:arbeit_a075: Arbeit A075 Arbeit A075
:konfus_d050: Konfus D050 Konfus D050
:teufel_a015: Teufel A015 Teufel A015
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 30 Rainbow Colorz PDT 30
:butterfly: Butterfly Butterfly
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 39 Rainbow Colorz PDT 39
:clown: Clown Clown
:lustig_h045: Lustig H045 Lustig H045
:0004: 0004 0004
:hearteyes: Hearteyes Hearteyes
:xpb_bb: Xpb Bb Xpb Bb
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 50 Rainbow Colorz PDT 50
:girl: Girl Girl
:nahrung_k015: Nahrung K015 Nahrung K015
:arbeit_d020: Arbeit D020 Arbeit D020
:konfus_g045: Konfus G045 Konfus G045
:teufel_k010: Teufel K010 Teufel K010
:code_smll_devil_03: Code Smll Devil 03 Code Smll Devil 03
:muede_a015: Muede A015 Muede A015
:01o1: 01o1 01o1
:icon_confused_PDT: Icon Confused PDT Icon Confused PDT
:xpb_fg: Xpb Fg Xpb Fg
:schmoll: Schmoll Schmoll
:peekout: Peekout Peekout
:arbeit_f015: Arbeit F015 Arbeit F015
:lieb_a020: Lieb A020 Lieb A020
:thinking1: Thinking1 Thinking1
:code_smll_inlove_00 Code Smll Inlove 00 Code Smll Inlove 00
:muede_d010: Muede D010 Muede D010
:17: 17 17
:icon_mad_PDT: Icon Mad PDT Icon Mad PDT
:xpb_nerv: Xpb Nerv Xpb Nerv
:sleeping: Sleeping Sleeping
:praying: Praying Praying
:arbeit_h010: Arbeit H010 Arbeit H010
:lieb_d015: Lieb D015 Lieb D015
:traurig_a040: Traurig A040 Traurig A040
:traurig_d035: Traurig D035 Traurig D035
:code_smll_trooper_0 Code Smll Trooper 03 Code Smll Trooper 03
:muede_d055: Muede D055 Muede D055
:31: 31 31
:icon_surprised_PDT: Icon Surprised PDT Icon Surprised PDT
:xpb_sorry: Xpb Sorry Xpb Sorry
:sm_01: Sm 01 Sm 01
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 02 Rainbow Colorz PDT 02
:arbeit_k030: Arbeit K030 Arbeit K030
:lieb_g010: Lieb G010 Lieb G010
:0j002: 0j002 0j002
:WBCT-21: WBCT 21 WBCT 21
:CT11: CT11 CT11
:nahrung_a020: Nahrung A020 Nahrung A020
:75: 75 75
:kisses: Kisses Kisses
:xpb_zitter: Xpb Zitter Xpb Zitter
:sm_10: Sm 10 Sm 10
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 11 Rainbow Colorz PDT 11
:baseball: Baseball Baseball
:love: Love Love
:0t005: 0t005 0t005
:xdo_merrypissmas: Xdo Merrypissmas Xdo Merrypissmas
:dead2: Dead2 Dead2
:nahrung_d015: Nahrung D015 Nahrung D015
:arbeit_a025: Arbeit A025 Arbeit A025
:konfus_a045: Konfus A045 Konfus A045
:sm_inlove_secret1: Sm Inlove Secret1 Sm Inlove Secret1
:Rainbow_Colorz_PDT_ Rainbow Colorz PDT 20 Rainbow Colorz PDT 20
:blower2: Blower2 Blower2
:lustig_a050: Lustig A050 Lustig A050
:00i19: 00i19 00i19
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:party_46: Party 46 Party 46
:party2_3566: Party2 3566 Party2 3566
:party_57: Party 57 Party 57
:party_55: Party 55 Party 55
:party2_98745: Party2 98745 Party2 98745
:party_66: Party 66 Party 66
:party2_polo: Party2 Polo Party2 Polo
:party_9: Party 9 Party 9
:party_18: Party 18 Party 18
:party_27: Party 27 Party 27
:party_36: Party 36 Party 36
:party2_00003729: Party2 00003729 Party2 00003729
:party_45: Party 45 Party 45
:party2_2235: Party2 2235 Party2 2235
:party_54: Party 54 Party 54
:party2_97641: Party2 97641 Party2 97641
:party_65: Party 65 Party 65
:party2_par_0950: Party2 Par 0950 Party2 Par 0950
:party_8: Party 8 Party 8
:party_17: Party 17 Party 17
:party_26: Party 26 Party 26
:party_35: Party 35 Party 35
:party2_00003680: Party2 00003680 Party2 00003680
:party_44: Party 44 Party 44
:party2_2164: Party2 2164 Party2 2164
:party_53: Party 53 Party 53
:party2_68548: Party2 68548 Party2 68548
:party_64: Party 64 Party 64
:party2_party217: Party2 Party217 Party2 Party217
:party_7: Party 7 Party 7
:party_16: Party 16 Party 16
:party_25: Party 25 Party 25
:party_34: Party 34 Party 34
:party2_00003653: Party2 00003653 Party2 00003653
:party_43: Party 43 Party 43
:party2_975: Party2 975 Party2 975
:party_52: Party 52 Party 52
:party2_9764: Party2 9764 Party2 9764
:party_63: Party 63 Party 63
:party2_party213: Party2 Party213 Party2 Party213
:party_6: Party 6 Party 6
:party_15: Party 15 Party 15
:party_24: Party 24 Party 24
:party_33: Party 33 Party 33
:party2_00003639: Party2 00003639 Party2 00003639
:party_42: Party 42 Party 42
:party2_685: Party2 685 Party2 685
:party_51: Party 51 Party 51
:party2_8746: Party2 8746 Party2 8746
:party_62: Party 62 Party 62
:party2_party210: Party2 Party210 Party2 Party210
:party_5: Party 5 Party 5
:party_14: Party 14 Party 14
:party_23: Party 23 Party 23
:party_32: Party 32 Party 32
:party_41: Party 41 Party 41
:party2_458: Party2 458 Party2 458
:party_50: Party 50 Party 50
:party2_7755: Party2 7755 Party2 7755
:party_61: Party 61 Party 61
:party2_p73: Party2 P73 Party2 P73
:party_4: Party 4 Party 4
:party_13: Party 13 Party 13
:party_22: Party 22 Party 22
:party_31: Party 31 Party 31
:party_40: Party 40 Party 40
:party2_11: Party2 11 Party2 11
:party_49: Party 49 Party 49
:party2_6958: Party2 6958 Party2 6958
:party_60: Party 60 Party 60
:party2_happybirthda Party2 Happybirthday8 Party2 Happybirthday8
:party_3: Party 3 Party 3
:party_12: Party 12 Party 12
:party_21: Party 21 Party 21
:party_30: Party 30 Party 30
:party_39: Party 39 Party 39
:party2_05: Party2 05 Party2 05
:party_48: Party 48 Party 48
:party2_6854: Party2 6854 Party2 6854
:party_59: Party 59 Party 59
:party2_chor: Party2 Chor Party2 Chor
:party_1: Party 1 Party 1
:party_11: Party 11 Party 11
:party_20: Party 20 Party 20
:party_29: Party 29 Party 29
:party_38: Party 38 Party 38
:party2_03: Party2 03 Party2 03
:party_47: Party 47 Party 47
:party2_4599: Party2 4599 Party2 4599
:party_58: Party 58 Party 58
:party_56: Party 56 Party 56
:party2_balloons: Party2 Balloons Party2 Balloons
:party_67: Party 67 Party 67
:party2_smilie_happy Party2 Smilie Happyb Party2 Smilie Happyb
:party_10: Party 10 Party 10
:party_19: Party 19 Party 19
:party_28: Party 28 Party 28
:party_37: Party 37 Party 37
:party2_01: Party2 01 Party2 01
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:traurig_16: Traurig 16 Traurig 16
:weinen0020: Weinen0020 Weinen0020
:traurig0047: Traurig0047 Traurig0047
:weinen0019: Weinen0019 Weinen0019
:traurig0037: Traurig0037 Traurig0037
:weinen0016: Weinen0016 Weinen0016
:traurig0035: Traurig0035 Traurig0035
:weinen0015: Weinen0015 Weinen0015
:traurig0024: Traurig0024 Traurig0024
:weinen0008: Weinen0008 Weinen0008
:smilie_wet_011: Smilie Wet 011 Smilie Wet 011
:weinen0007: Weinen0007 Weinen0007
:krank: Krank Krank
:weinen0003: Weinen0003 Weinen0003
:00z109: 00z19 00z19
:cry3: Cry3 Cry3
:weinen0002: Weinen0002 Weinen0002
:weinen0022: Weinen0022 Weinen0022
:traurig_17: Traurig 17 Traurig 17
:weinen0021: Weinen0021 Weinen0021
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:sign2_pffCyberm: Sign2 PffCyberm Sign2 PffCyberm
:sign1_dummesthread: Sign1 Dummesthread Sign1 Dummesthread
:sign1_love: Sign1 Love Sign1 Love
:sign1_wasntme: Sign1 Wasntme Sign1 Wasntme
:trollsignn Caution Caution
:sign2_off_topic: Sign2 Off Topic Sign2 Off Topic
:sign1_censored: Sign1 Censored Sign1 Censored
:sign1_LolLolLolLol: Sign1 LolLolLolLol Sign1 LolLolLolLol
:sign1_stop: Sign1 Stop Sign1 Stop
:trrroll Caution Caution
:sign2_lol1: Sign2 Lol1 Sign2 Lol1
:sign3_thanx: Sign3 Thanx Sign3 Thanx
:sign1_bug: Sign1 Bug Sign1 Bug
:sign1_hunger: Sign1 Hunger Sign1 Hunger
:sign1_sprachlos: Sign1 Sprachlos Sign1 Sprachlos
:sign2_ignore: Sign2 Ignore Sign2 Ignore
:crigon_04: Crigon 04 Crigon 04
:sign3_scheisse: Sign3 Scheisse Sign3 Scheisse
:sign1_baaa: Sign1 Baaa Sign1 Baaa
:sign1_Huhu: Sign1 Huhu Sign1 Huhu
:sign1_spam: Sign1 Spam Sign1 Spam
:sign2_herz: Sign2 Herz Sign2 Herz
:sign3_rofl: Sign3 Rofl Sign3 Rofl
:sign1_argh: Sign1 Argh Sign1 Argh
:sign1_hm: Sign1 Hm Sign1 Hm
:sign1_sorry: Sign1 Sorry Sign1 Sorry
:sign2_grrrr-sign: Sign2 Grrrr Sign Sign2 Grrrr Sign
:sign3_oha: Sign3 Oha Sign3 Oha
:sign1_arf: Sign1 Arf Sign1 Arf
:sign1_halloatall: Sign1 Halloatall Sign1 Halloatall
:sign1_pueh: Sign1 Pueh Sign1 Pueh
:sign2_funnypost: Sign2 Funnypost Sign2 Funnypost
:sign3_fluch: Sign3 Fluch Sign3 Fluch
:sign1_google: Sign1 Google Sign1 Google
:sign1_protest: Sign1 Protest Sign1 Protest
:sign2_fun: Sign2 Fun Sign2 Fun
:sign3_bla: Sign3 Bla Sign3 Bla
:sign1_goinstay: Sign1 Goinstay Sign1 Goinstay
:sign1_no: Sign1 No Sign1 No
:sign2_disturb: Sign2 Disturb Sign2 Disturb
:sign3_689: Sign3 689 Sign3 689
:sign1_erledigt: Sign1 Erledigt Sign1 Erledigt
:sign1_mademyday: Sign1 Mademyday Sign1 Mademyday
:sign2_amen: Sign2 Amen Sign2 Amen
Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:) Smile Smile
:confused: Confused Confused
:mad: Mad Mad
;) Wink Wink
:D Very Happy Very Happy
:o Surprised Surprised
:( Sad Sad
:rolleyes: Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
:cool: Cool Cool
:eek: Eek Eek

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