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Default Rescuing does a body good.

I'm sure many of you have come across a sickly herp once in your life. I am not very used to this happening to me. However, I was confronted with this a while ago, more like last year. I have all the reptiles I can handle, but my friend came across a bearded dragon that he found in his front yard. He has no experience with reptiles so decided to give it to me. I never had bearded dragons, I'm more of a leopard gecko freak.
However, I took him in since I'm somewhat familiar with their care. He looked to be a late juvie/young adult and VERY thin. I'm guessing this poor fellow had been wandering around for a while. I wouldn't doubt it if it had been weeks. So I actually gave him electrolytes and baby food for a little bit until he started eating. I had him quarantined, obviously. But unfortunately I didn't have uvb for the little guy. I was freaking out! I couldn't use the lights for my leopard geckos (not that my leos need it since they're nocturnal) because I had them on reptisun 5.0s. And those are not enough for a bearded dragon. So I called one of my friends and he gave me a Zilla desert light. I was skeptical because of the study, but I had no money and no real choice. He assured me this wasn't the one from the study but a reformulated version of the bulb. Indeed, the packaging was different as he showed me and so on. I tried it and it indeed make the little guy perk up a bit. I was surprised! I don't know if it was the electrolytes or the uvb lights but I'm going to keep using zilla for him just in case! I also had problems deciding on substrate for a beardie but ended up with reptile carpet after the initial paper towels.
I tried posting ads around to find his owner but came up empty. I took him to the vet for a checkup and decided to keep him. He was also missing a toe and his tail was partially dead. He's all better now though. And now I cant keep him off my shoulder! He likes watching tv with me. Rescuing makes the world go round doesn't it.
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