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Unhappy Death Unknown

22/May (Saturday)
Few days later after an oversea trip, back home at 7:00 pm to see my family pet rabbit (1 years old) in the cage, shaking and appeared very painful. He was a very healthy rabbit the day I departed. The family who looked after him did not notice the problem. But it was late at night and no vet was available, all I could do was to wait for the next day.

23/May (Sunday)
Morning, we immediately check up on our rabbit. We noticed that he began to till his head, about 45 degrees. Strange and bezzier, we rushed him to a vet. We were told by the vet that our rabbit did not eat and drink for one whole day, need to stay at the hospital for few hours. Adding the blood and urine check etc, the fees were astronomical.
After all the testing and checking, the vet suggested it may be some sort of bacterial infection. But generally they did not see anything wrong with our rabbit, only is dehydration. Before we left I asked the doctor if it would be life-threatening, doctors say no. I thought about letting our rabbit stay at the hospital for a day or two, the doctor said no need to, and I drop the idea.

24/May (Monday):
I woke up and saw him safe and sound, and no more shaking and tilling head, with the vet's words I was assured that our rabbit was in no danger, so I was gladly leave him for work. Came home after work, and immediately I start feeding him. But a brief moment later, he started shaking his head again, followed by screaming and rolling around in the cage in pain... this lasted about ten minutes,

My rabbit died, I could not help but cry......

My vet have not yet provide any explanations, so is the family who helped look after him. Why? What was the cause?

Please if any animal profession in this forum, please offer me your answer.
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