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Forum Rules Please read the Forum Rules before you post. Thank you :).

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Default Forum Rules

The little big things:
All forums need rules, and you and the moderators need to stick to them. Here are some which are versatile:


Forum Rules
While using this forum, you must display a good standard of knowledge and common sense to achieve your goals, and posting purpose. Please adhere to all rules stated below, or warnings may be given. These warnings and our system will be displayed, and explained later in this text. This text acts as the law of this forum.

Usernames & Registration
1. You shall provide an accurate and correct email address on registration. Only administratos have access to these. In addition, all information you choose to give in your public profile shall be accurate, and updated regurlarly.

2. You may only have one username, and once account active at a time. You may not operate under different alialses at any time.

3. You may not impersonate any person in the community, or world.

4. You will not impersonate a member of staff, or staff member in the community.

Topis & Posting
1. You will use English on this forum. Any langauge in topics, posts, polls, or personal messenger is strictly prohibited.

2. Foul language shall not be tolerated. It is not permitted to rely on the world filter.

3. Defamitory, hateful, or distressing posts are strictly prohibited.

4. Posting a thread addressing an individual in any contect is prohibited.

5. Trolling is prohibited.

6. Flaming is prohibited.

7. Multiple topics on the same subject, multiple posting, and spamming is strictly prohibited.

8. Racist, sexist, or any discriminating comments are not to be made on this forum.

9. You MUST report all posts that break the rules, via the report button on the message frame.

10. Retalitory remarks and arguing with another member is strictly banned, and you will have the same action taken as the provokee/arguer.
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