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Old 07-15-2009, 02:37 PM
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Default Night of the goat killer

This happened a couple months ago.
I am set up on a goat/sheep/pig killing bear. It took out 2 goats including a Boer goat, 1 sheep and 1 pig in 2 nights. This is not that common with Fla. black bears but does happen. I tracked him last night and saw some huge tracks which confirmed the witness reports of a really big bear. Judging by the tracks ,ime the bear weighs 500> pounds.

I walked about ten acres of scrub palmetto and I could smell him. Anyone that has been around bears knows that smell, and I heard bush cracking, he knows Im here as well. You gotta love the adrenaline rush you get when you know hes watching you. Of course I was packin heat (pistol) but good luck even getting a shot off in a highly vegetated area. It is true if you shoot and wound a bear it will often make him more angry and he will pursue you even while you are shooting.

He was moving in a wide circle around the goat pen, which they had just put up a hot wire around. Thats the thing I dont get, people have livestock ie pigs (one favorite food of bears)and they dont have hot wire around the pen living in bear country. So I rigged my trap, all the while knowing he was watching me. I drove home expecting a fairly easy catch.

Well it has been a week with no catch. At 7pm (the same day I removed the trap) my boss asked if I would dig up the dead boer goat (the only one the bear killed but did not eat) and tie it in the trap. Maybe the bear would take it so it was worth a try. The bear was there after I left and was sniffing around where the goat was buried and the home owner was able to scare him off by shooting in the air(always shoot into the ground btw). That was probably been a missed opportunity, people just cant leave things alone.

So I just got back after getting the trap, after I had brought it 40 miles away. I dug up the week dead goat, cut a leg off it and rigged my trap...again. I heard a goat screaming in the adjacent pasture so I hauled butt over there. The bear was walking along the fence line toward the trap about 1000 yards away, he was a very big bear. The goat was fine, but remember the hot wire, the bear tore down 3 strands and got through the fence, this bear is cunning to say the least. The home owner said he will shoot the bear if it gets in the horse pen. However black bears are generally very wary of horses so there was no worry.

While I was digging up the dead goat , as well as rigging it in the trap, I had a feeling I was being watched. Then i heard the goat yell (not the dead one ,that would have been weird) so the bear was close. The hair rose on the back of my neck. You dont want a bear coming to the trap when your in it and the door is locked in the up is 1130PM and Im tired now.
Day 9:
I just got back from pulling the trap, the bear has not been seen. It is rare that a bear just disappears on its own when it knows there is potential food around, and especially how visible this bear was. After talking with the residents it is my opinion somebody took care of business, which I guess was the inevitable out come anyway. Of course I could always hope the bear just thought better of the situation and took off.
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Old 07-16-2009, 09:29 AM
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Default Re: Night of the goat killer

That was quite an adventure! Phew! It's just a shame that you will never know what really happened to mister furbutt.
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